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Main Rental Products

※ Equipment not listed above is also available after internal assessment

Rental from ORIX Rentec Corporation

Since ORIX Rentec Corporation, the parent company of ORIX Rentec (Korea) Corporation, has around 1.8 million assets in 32,000 models in two technical centers in Japan, You can easily rent equipment that you have a difficulty to find in Korea from ORIX Rentec Corporation through ORIX Rentec (Korea) Corporation.

You can search the stock status of ORIX Rentec Corporation in Japan at https://www.orixrentec.jp and please contact ORIX Rentec (Korea) Corporation for more information.

※ Due to the total rental fee is determined by various factors such as discount rate, exchange rate, international shipping cost, and so on, there may be a difference from the amount indicated on the ORIX Rentec Corpertation’s web site.

T&M Equipment Short-term Rental Service

It is a service that provide the rental of T&M assets owned by ORIX Rentec (Korea) Corporation or ORIX Rentec Corporation (import procedure is required) for one week up to 12 months (period extension is available)

T&M Equipment Long-term Rental Service

It is a service that we purchase new Test and Measurement that you want and provide you with long-term rental.
※ Feel free to contact us if you have a difficulty choosing equipment or systems, or need professional assistance. ORIX Rentec (Korea) Corporation will do our best to provide you the best solution.
Enquiries about T&M Equipment Rental