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Main Rental Products

AA(Atomic Absorption Spectrometer) Cell Imager Confocal Laser Microscope Cooperative robots EDX(Energy-dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy) Flow Cytometry(FACS-Fluorescence activated cell sorter) GC(Gas Chromatography) IC(Ion Chromatography) ICP(Inductively Coupled Plasma) ICP-MS ICP-OES IR(FT-IR) Laser marking machine LC(Liquid Chromatography) Mercury Analyzer MS(Mass Spectrometer) NGS(Next Generation Sequencing) NIR(FT-NIR) OES(Optical Emission Spectroscopy) Particle Counter Particle Size Analyzer Real-time PCR(Q-PCR) SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope) TEM(Transmission Electron microscope) TOC Analyzer UV/Vis Spectrometer WDX(Wavelength-dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy) XRD(X-ray Diffractometer) XRF(X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry)

※ Equipment not listed above is also available after internal assessment

Laboratory Equipment Long-term Rental Service

It is a service that we purchase new Scientific and Environmental Analysis that you want and provide you with long-term rental. We can provide Long-term Rental services of equipment from almost all major manufacturers. Please contact us for the details we deal with.

※ Feel free to contact us if you have a difficulty choosing equipment or systems, or need professional assistance. ORIX Rentec (Korea) Corporation will do our best to provide you the best solution.

Benefits of Laboratory Equipment Long-term Rental Service of ORIX Rentec (Korea) Corporation


Scientific and Environmental Analysis Equipment Long-term Rental helps to avoid a surge in investment in the purchase of equipment for your projects.


You can not only set rental period 2~3 years, but also less than 1 year. You can easily extend the rental period or purchase equipment.

Enquiries about Laboratory Equipment Rental