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Cost Savings

Upon purchase, all sorts of costs are incurred. However, as rentals require a lower initial investment and are handled as expenses, it gives a variety for budgetary use. For infrequently used equipment, rental allows you to pay for the equipment only when you use it. This allows you to avoid upfront investment and save on opportunity costs when the equipment is not in use.

Avoidance against Obsolescence and Idleness

The frequency of use of more than half of equipment purchased is very low. Also, whether the equipment is used or unused, the value decreases as time goes on. For equipment that is frequently updated due to technological advancements, rental allows you to simply return the old and renew with the latest technology.

Immediately Available When You Need It

With ORIX Rentec’s around 1.8 million units in 32,000 models, we can provide the specific equipment you need on a timely basis. This helps you avoid long delivery times from suppliers and/or disruptions caused by the sudden breakdown

Flexible Rental Period

You can freely set the rental period to weeks, months, or years as you want. If necessary, you can easily extend the rental period as you desire.

Favorable Asset Management

Rental covers all the extra expenses, such as the cost of repairing, calibrating, and licensing your assets, so you NEVER have to worry about extra expenses on maintenance. Not only that, but the cost also is reduced to hire staff for maintenance and resale. In addition, all assets are covered by Inland Floater Insurance, which can relieve worry about unexpected accidents such as damage, loss, and theft.